Btrfs SSD mount options

This post is about choosing the best performance options for Btrfs + SSD while still maximizing SSD lifetime. Here is my /etc/fstab mount options: space_cache,compress=lzo,discard,noatime,nodiratime,subvol=root Here is quotes from man pages, forums and wikis about options that I looking for. I decided

Oracle Linux first impression

This post is about Oracle Linux (OL) installation and adding wireless module to Linux kernel in order to get Wi-Fi working. If you installed some Linux distribution and realize that there is no 'wifi drivers' or NetworkManager not showing Wi-Fi menu, then may be installed kernel not supporting your wireless

Installing skypetab-ng on Fedora 22

Why skypetab-ng Vanila Skype for Linux is awful because it is spawning to much windows. For me it is very inconvenient, that is why I'm using skypetab. It was easy to install it on Ubuntu, but not in Fedora. The only way to install skypetab to Fedora 22 is to