Installing skypetab-ng on Fedora 22

Why skypetab-ng

Vanila Skype for Linux is awful because it is spawning to much windows. For me it is very inconvenient, that is why I'm using skypetab. It was easy to install it on Ubuntu, but not in Fedora. The only way to install skypetab to Fedora 22 is to build it from sources. Here I'm describing steps to build skypetab-ng.

Prepare environment

Ofcourse we need Skype itself. Go to official Skype site and download skype rpm package, or use this link. Today it is skype-

First of all you need git to get sources from github:

sudo dnf install git.x86_64

Cloning sources:

cd ~
mkdir projects && cd projects
git clone

Today last commit in repo is 9e5b1edf7b7f0c31cf47db429d5918367f12e0e8.

Installing QT stuff, c++ compiler and 32bit libs:

sudo dnf install qt-devel.i686 qt-config gcc gcc-c++ glibc-devel.i686

Installing, building and using

Install skype-xxxx-.rpm. Assuming that it is downloaded to ~/Downloads:

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dnf install skype-

To build skypetab run this commands, assuming that you are in sources folder. For me its /home/c0rp/project/skypetab-ng:

cd ~/projects/skypetab-ng
qmake-qt4 -spec linux-g++-32

If everything is ok a few new files should appear in skypetab-ng folder. We are interested in We will use this library to run Skype. Try to run skypetab, don't forget to substitute full path to your

LD_PRELOAD=/home/c0rp/project/skypetab-ng/$LD_PRELOAD exec skype $*

Check if this commands run without any errors/warnings, you can login to Skype and see Skype with Tabs. If everything is ok, final step would be adding desktop shortcut to skypetab, again assuming that you build skypetab-ng in ~/projects/skypetab-ng:

cd ~/projects/skypetab-ng
sudo cp skypetab-ng /usr/bin/
sudo cp* /usr/lib/
sudo cp skypetab-ng.desktop /usr/share/applications/

Now press Win-key or Super-key and try to find Skypetab: