Migrating Documentum 5.3 from *nix to Windows 2008

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How to start

A few days ago we started migration of Documentum Content Server 5.3 to Windows Server 2008. As it turned out it was not a trivial task.

As a migration guide I use this installation guide and this thread on EMC Community site. There is a little chapter about Content Server copying in the Installation Guide, it is started on page 66 (begins with the words To copy a repository:). It consists of 25 steps, I did everything except last two steps (24,25) with a few remarks.

  1. Before step 21 (Start the server for the repository copy), proceed to EMC thread
  2. There is Helpful Answer by Rijo Mathew Oct 7, 2009 3:53 PM. Read it carefully.
  3. In addition to Rijo Mathew's answer :
  4. Don't forget to copy $DOCUMENTUM/config/dbor.properties to new Content Server. Make sure that there is no *nix style pathes inside dbor.properties.
  5. Make sure you are using correct disk name (C:, D:, etc). Make sure you are using Windows style pathes everywhere in copied configuration files.

Correction of additional errors:


We are using LDAP sync. Our dm_LDAPSynchronisation job constantly crashed with errors. I saw this error in logs:

[DFC_BOF_WRONG_IDENTITY] LoginInfo and Principal for "doc_base_name" docbase are not defined or wrong.

As a solution I delete all LDAP configuration objects a recreate them again in Documentum Administrator. After that run dm_LDAPSynchronisation job with -full_sync true.

If you also see something like this:

Error: Group <group name> already exists in other domain (<some_rid>), not in (<other_rid>)

Read this note. For me it was group_directory_id attribute in a few dm_group type objects. Just replace them using DQL.

Access denied
  1. Turn off UAC.
  2. Make sure that every folder in %DOCUMENTUM_HOME% is fulle accessable to dmadmin and for SYSTEM (Read and Write permissions).

If you are using Webtop or Documentum Administrator you have to point Documentum jars in web applications CLASSPATH. It may look different in *nix and Windows:

  1. / in *nix vs \ or \\ in Windows pathes
  2. $DOCUMENTUM_HOME vs %DOCUMENTUM_HOME% and other variables
  3. Don't know why, but after installation there are lack of documentum libraries (jar files) in %DOCUMENTUM_SHARED%. We just copy most of the libraries from *nix $DOCUMENTUM_SHARED folder.

Here is list of Documentum Content Server 5.3 jars that worked:

1   activation-1.1.1.jar
2   admin.jar
3   All-MB.jar
4   bpmutil.jar
5   bsf.jar
6   castor-
7   ci.jar
8   collaboration.jar
9   commons-jxpath-1.1.jar
10  ctsTransform.jar
11  ctsTransformImpl.jar
12  dfc.jar
13  dfcbase.jar
14  DmcRecords.jar
15  log4j.jar
16  mail-1.4.2.jar
17  messageArchive.jar
18  messageService.jar
19  subscription.jar
20  workflow.jar
21  xalan.jar
22  xercesImpl.jar
23  xforms.jar
24  XformsCommon.jar
25  xml-apis.jar
26  xmlParserAPIs.jar
27  xtrim-api.jar
Date Format

Don't forget to configure date format on Windows machine as it was on *nix. If you have wrong format all jobs will fail without any notification.

How to find hidden problems

  1. It was very helpful to read job and session log files. They are located in %DOCUMENTUM_HOME%\dba\log\<SOME_ID>.
  2. Temporary turn off firewall.
  3. Check your database logs.
  4. Check OS system logs.