Windows 7, check number of cores (Threads)

I create this note as a reminder to myself. I also hope this help to some else. wmic computersystem get Numberoflogicalprocessors This command gives you number of core (Threads). wmic computersystem get numberofprocessors This number gives you number of physical processors

Configuring JBoss 7 to run as *nix service

Usually you run jboss using $JBOSS_HOME/bin/, but if you want to run JBoss in background, or when you installing it to remote server you can run it as daemon(service). $JBOSS_HOME is folder where your jboss is unpacked. JBoss 7 comes with prepared daemon script

Hello world!

Hello world! My name is Sanzhar. This is my first note in this blog. I created this blog for my own needs because: This is a best way to learn how to write English. I will write here something that I don't want to forget. Also I will try to