Switch to Windows 10 for 30 days

What happened between Windows XP and 10

I have used Linux since 2009. Nowadays my working machine is driven by Manjaro Linux. By coincidence, on October 8th, I moved to Windows 10 and I will work on it for 30 days. Шt would be very interesting experience, because the last Windows family operating system for daily work was Windows XP.

In this post I will write notes for myself. I will describe the problems that I faced and the settings I’ll make in that time.

Day 1

Installation of Windows 10 was very easy. I was surprised by the fact that the operating system found and installed all necessary drivers by itself.

Day 2

I've found a package manager chocolatey to install software. Installation was also very easy - through the Power Shell in one line command. I installed intellij idea, neovim, google chrome and git-bash using choco install. I really liked chocolatey!

Next, I tried to configure brand new Workspaces. Still trying to find a solution to line them up in a 3x3 grid and remap all hotkeys as I used to in Linux. I have my own configuration of applications that is distributed through workspaces. Messengers in the middle, all IDE in left bottom corner an so on. Still looking for a solution.

Day 3

Today I faced strange bug. It was solved using the first answer in the bug tracker, but it is very strange that this bug not fixed since 2011.

Strange behaviour: I can't find Skype via Sart Menu search using 'Skype' keyword. But I could find it in the application list grid.
As I understand it is a very popular problem, google shows a lot of links to https://answers.microsoft.com by the "cannot find skype in start menu search" or "Where is the Skype app located on Windows 10" queries.